Love from the lens of love herself

Love to me is filling my inner chamber with the love I truly deserve and crave for, and then radiating it out to another from a place of generosity. Love to me is embracing the angel and the demon that are constantly at war within—awareness of the demons being inner child wounds from external stigma, trauma, weaknesses and inclination to negative voices and not beating myself up for these eclipsing ombres. Love is allowing kindness, healing, joy and acceptance to bleed through these deep scars and perceiving beauty amid this spiralling chaos.

Love is knowing that the Universe has my back and that my soul tribe and I are growing and nurturing one another through the tears, the joys, the lessons and the insights. Love is reconciliation and forgiveness to the self-sabotager within, for nailing “the conscious me”—the beholder of authenticity, onto the calvary of unconsciousness. Love is letting go of all false labels; false personas blanketed by the phantom self—the ego, still loving those my wisdom mind urges me to let go of. Love is loving life in the present moment and believing that the love you need is taking shape in the form of soulful connections and high vibrational energy.

Love is letting your soul run wild; opening up your heart space to feel whatever it is you need to feel. Love is communing with nature. Love is romancing with elements that feed your body; mind; spirit; soul. Love is the sweet spring; the cold showers; the autumn glaze and the summer spirit shared with the ones you hold dear.

Love is letting yourself take a chance in falling in love with the energy your heart pounds for. Love is the sparkle in your pet’s eyes when you wake up first thing in the morning. Love is relishing the work you do and witnessing the impact it has on the people you are connected to. Love is living your life each day the best you can, as if love were you, calling out to the butterfly perching on that cherry blossom.

Love is not waiting for love to happen but being the love that you otherwise would hopelessly be waiting for. Love is now. Love is unconditional. Love is the life force that transcends the banalites of the shadows leading us astray.

Let love light our paths, brighten our days and lighten our burdens…

From a heart drenched in love.

Hermie’s Horn..

Cloistered in a shell like a loner hermit crab, you seem to have a hazy view of what the space outside is like. Your instincts tell you that you are breathing yet gasping for breath; that it is less suffocating, yet too overwhelming out there. Overwhelming in terms of the thrill of meeting a mate to mingle/mate with, but being separated later on by the mighty ocean tides. Overwhelming in terms of adapting to a new ecosystem that you were forced to join; one that you never envisaged for yourself— a being ever so fragile; ever so anxious; ever so inexperienced.

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A Love that Conquers All

The antidote that cures all grief and melancholy,

The brightest light that leaves no room for obscurity,

The sounds of laughter that bring forth new rhapsodies.

The beating of hearts tethered by the force of love,

And the soothing warmth of a parent’s lullabies.

The love of a family, I have tasted and seen,

The most profound feeling in the world, thanks to which I am redeemed,

There is no greater love than a love like this,

For the love of a family, is a love that conquers all.